June 22, 2010

Alphard vs. Elgrand!

Toyota Alphard is one of Malaysia's hottest selling MPV around! It's a symbol of wealth and power for some rich but big family (small family might opt for Mercedes E or S-Class).

3rd generation Alphard!

I had a chance to take a ride in the 2nd generation Alphard few years ago and the experience was eye opening. For the first time in my life, I get to sit in such a HUGE MPV, much larger than Estima's interior!
I even commented that a fly or an ant might get lost in the huge interior! haha!

2nd generation Alphard!

Now comes the 3rd generation Alphard, featuring more features, safer and most important of all, sleeker looking! Although it still can't get away from its 1-box styling (to maximise interior volume), the designers had designed the car with more round angles instead of straight lines.

A more sporty version of Alphard, the Vellfire!

Most of you might don't know that one of Alphard's closest competitors is Nissan Elgrand! Due to its low popularity in Malaysia, some don't even know that it actually exist in Malaysia! Frankly, Elgrand looks bland compared to the grand-looking 2nd gen. Alphard!

2nd gen. of Elgrand...

Introducing the all-new 3rd gen. of Elgrand! I was shocked when I saw the picture below:

Sporty isn't it?! Much better looking than the 2nd gen. Elgrand! It is set to launch in Japan at August 2010...

It will seriously give Alphard a huge competition! However, Alphard has the reliability and well known now. Elgrand will still have to compete hard to get a place in the market!

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v!vi@n said...

really nice lo..the inside damn comfy and elegant...

nanged and clicked on your ads..do hit me bek^^

SiMon Har said...

ya... no wonder the car is a hit!

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