August 23, 2010

Best Hatchback Under RM50k !!!

We all know that small cars are cheap, fuel sipper and easy to drive. Many of us prefer to drive smaller car rather than big, fuel guzzler car like Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Alphard.
Below are few hatchbacks which made into my top list under RM50k:

#4. Suzuki Alto
This newcomer has a cheeky and cute design, targeted at female buyers.

+ Cute design, small exterior size which is a boon for city driving (smaller than a Perodua Viva), ABS, EBD and Dual Airbags.
- Quality and equipment list not on a par with its competitors, 3 Stars from EuroNCAP, possibly a cramp interior.

Nice dashboard mounted tachometer!

#3 Perodua Viva Elite

A small car with huge personality. Luxurious style for the Elite version. Replaced Kancil/Kelisa.
+ Roomy cabin for 4 adults and 1 kid, luxurious exterior, long list of safety and equipment, priced lower than competitor at RM45k, basically a Daihatsu car (well-known for its reliability).
- High speed stability, insecurity (thin door with 'tin' sound when closed).

#2 Hyundai i10 1.25 Kappa
Korean manufacturers such as Kia and Hyundai has been improving over the past few years. The i10, is a good piece of engineering.

+ Strong on performance, handling, ride, NVH, quality, 4 Stars from EuroNCAP.
- Narrow body, rear legroom, Dual Airbags & ABS only available for high spec at RM52k.

#1 Perodua GTi Myvi !!!
Erm... not this one:

This one!

I'm sure you guys know it very well! Perodua Myvi is a popular selling model in Malaysia, not without its reason. Good value for money.

+ VERY spacious, thoughtful touches (LED rear lamps, integrated side mirror LED signal), long list of safety and equipment list, practical interior, 4 stars from EuroNCAP.
- Refinement can be better, 1.3cc engine might not be adequate for some drivers, plasticky interior, body roll.

The 2011 Perodua Myvi is coming! (Above is just a sketch)

Other cars which didn't make it into my list are Proton Savvy (ridiculously cramp interior and build quality), Naza Sutera (low on comfort and badly built) and Kia Picanto (low value for money and cramp interior) are out of my list.

*Design and equipments in the pictures above might not be the same for Malaysia's market.
*Car used in EuroNCAP crash test might not has the same spec compared to the car sold in Malaysia's market.

12 Gossips:

Casendra said...

Hehe, I agreed! Hahaha... lucky at the end i choose myvi :P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Wooo..i own a viva..but not the elite version. Serving me well.

SiMon Har said...

Perodua is getting better and better in producing compact car!
my dad own a Kenari too, still in acceptable condition after 300000km of distance travelled... ^_^

CzChooi said...

The new latest Myvi in hot pink damn nice weh... I plan for a myvi man bt my salary still cant afford me a car yet.. T.T

Hilda Milda™ said...

I still prefer myvi no matter what (:

Jaerragus said...

Not a fan of compacts and hatchback... but the 2010 Myvi looks cool...

Rebecca said...

Myvi owner here! :D
Generally a pretty good commercial car. I find it quite fuel consuming though.

Zyash said...

Nice to see pink myvi....but i want buy Alza....hehe

SiMon Har said...

CzChooi: save some money! coz Myvi is worth your money :)

Rebecca: manual Myvi saves fuel, tat's wat my cousin told me ~.~

Zyash: haha, Alza is much bigger! great choice!

loves fashiondiva X0X0 said...

i have a myvi!!!
it rocks!!!
HAHAHA..nice post!!!
i tink im gonna buy the 1st car..

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

Perodua with Toyota now, so no problem! :)

kelhome said...

the pink myvi is damn so cute! great for ladies

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