August 24, 2010

Proton & Lotus EMAS rendering !!!

Proton unveiled 2 rendering of the upcoming Lotus and Proton EMAS!!! These could be the production version because there's no source confirming that these are the production form of EMAS:

#1 The Lotus EMAS (3 doors)

Cool looking hothatch like Renault Clio or Fiat 500. It's bat-like front end is very sharp and sporty!
Love the wave side profile like Volvo S60!

#2 Proton EMAS (5 doors)

I would say that this look better than the concept version of EMAS. But too bad it lost the concept's LED fog light.
Now, we have a tiger face for EMAS!

The concept EMAS

However, the rear quarter window design look weird for both Lotus and Proton version of EMAS.
This might be the real thing! Hopefully Proton will do their best and present a car to the world which is on par with other oversea brands' car.


8 Gossips:

TOLANIC said...

I bought 6 models from Protons already. Pr0t0n El3gance will be the last one. I felt very disappointed because the quality is very low.

Erika Toh said...

Wah, how did you get to know this piece of news? ^^

SiMon Har said...

Erika: there's a 'Source' at the bottom of my post :)

Danny said...

The concept looks great. but i doubt the real production car will look anything similar. Hmm...

EntertainAsian said...

looks futuristic..agree wth TOLANIC, the quality of proton are so low and expensive

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