November 24, 2010

The Car That Itches My Dad's Heart !

Guess what car is that?

It's the Peugeot 207 sedan!!!

My dad kept on arguing about how great it looks, especially the rear. How upmarket it looks, although it's an entry level Peugeot.

Luckily he didn't say he like the side profile XD

After a quick look in the showroom, I can conclude that the Peugeot 207 sedan is really a value-for-money car, considering the good quality and amount of equipment you can get at such a low price (RM72,888) such as follow-me-home headlights, auto wiper and light etc.

But there were few things which doesn't satisfy me:
  • The doors doesn't close with a 'thug'
  • Rear legroom was inadequate
  • The old-fashioned door handles
  • Old platform from Peugeot 206

I do have to agree that the rear doesn't look like an entry level car!

Huge boot too!

My dad needs to buy a car after he retired. So what car will he buy? We'll find out in... 1 year plus time XD

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