November 23, 2010

TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash !

Everyone Connects is a TM-powered movement for the youth to demonstrate the power of connecting, communicating and collaborating, fortifying the belief that connections make anything possible.

Remember last year where a viral song "Through My Window" is played repeatedly on the radio, TV and Internet? Everyone Connects had the biggest karaoke event last year at Bukit Bintang, and was hosted by Bunkface with their single “Through my window”. They got Tokio Hotel to KL too! Therefore, to mark the first birthday of Everyone Connects, TM held a Everyone Connects Birthday Bash at the Centre Court of The Curve on 21st of November 2010 (Sunday).

Ben and Hunny Madu were the MC of the day. They mingled around with the fans and the attendees of the event.

Duck-face Bunkface LOL

Hunny Madu faced off with one of Bunkface members!

Can you see there is a piece of paper in the balloon? It contains prize!

All the ambassadors of Everyone Connects came out and sang the birthday song!

Then Bunkface sang "Through My Window" with the crowd!

After the crowd had cooled down, the pro gamer Summer Ash amazed us in playing Sudden Attack!

Setting up...

Posing for me XD

3 live audiences competed with Summer Ash. The 2 kids were not bad!

Near to the ending, it was Bunkface turn to perform 4 songs! They rocked the centre court you know!

There's an all-new Everyone Connects' portal too at and there are features in the website such as:
Open House - Spreading the love of Everyone Connects!

Sini Maa - Watch movie at Hypp.TV!

Jamming Garage - Find songs on HyppTunes!

EC Hall of Fame - Sign on their guestbook!

The Stadium - Connect with MUTV!

There's a chat box to chat with other users too! Like what EC's 3Cs are: Connect, communicate, collaborate.

Everyone Connects' mantra is “Connections make anything possible”, so let’s Connect, Communicate and Collaborate!

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