December 04, 2010

16th U C MAS Mental Arithmetic Competition !

Well, this was the day that everyone in U C MAS has been waiting for - the 16th U C MAS Mental Arithmetic National & International Competition! It's the day where students of U C MAS from all over the world come to Malaysia and take part in this competition...

The venue was in MMU, Cyberjaya and all the staff has to be there at 7am in the Sunday morning. After the arrival of VVIP and VIP, the ceremony starts with the 1st batch of students to sit for the competition.

"Ready..." *whistle blows* and off they go! You'll be amazed of how fast the children can perform in answering about 6 rows of double digit containing plus and minus or multiplication and division!

After both rounds of competition, it was time to hand out the trophies! It took us about 4 hours to give away all the trophies! Imagine how many children got it!

A: OMG, that's Justin Bieber!
B: There's Katy Perry too!
*just kidding*

The parents from overseas were so supportive of their children!

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Christine , Mei Yee said...

WOW ~! Now THAT is ALOT of trophies ! @.@ No wonder they had to use 4 hrs ==

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