December 15, 2010

2011 Daihatsu Move ! Time to replace Perodua Kenari?

Daihatsu Motor Co. LTD. (DMC) announced the launch in Japan of the fully redesigned kei-car Daihatsu Move on December 13 2010! Some might know that our very own Perodua Kenari is actually based on the second generation of Daihatsu Move. However, Kenari haven't receive any replacement model from Daihatsu after selling in Malaysia for so many years. Now, Daihatsu is back with the fifth generation of Move! It's time to replace our aging Kenari!

Since Move a kei-car, its exterior dimension will not be more than the width of 1475mm and length of 3395mm. One thing that the Japanese had always impressed me is the way they maximise the space of the cabin without gaining extra size of the exterior. With a tall roof and long wheelbase, the Move has an ample interior length of 2,075mm, the widest cabin at 1,350mm and a high cabin ceiling at 1,280mm. Combined to create a relaxing, spacious cabin for all the passengers.

A-pillar and rear pillars have been narrowed to optimise visibility, creating an airy feel in the cabin. Lines that extending across the interior also created a wide appearance. The interior dashboard design somehow reminds me of 1st generation Toyota Vios!

Fuel efficiency has improved to 27.0 km/L through measures that include the adoption of newly developed idle-stop system "eco IDLE", second-generation KF engine that develop 64bhp and an approximate 35kg reduction in weight. However, replacement of Kenari (if any) will be unlikely to get the stop-start "eco IDLE" engine.

The safety equipments for Japan are very generous. Ranging from 6 airbags to Lane Departure Warning which is only found in high-end car! Perodua, it's time to get this to replace Kenari!

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kelhome said...

bad design..will not buy it

prodas said...

izinkan saya promot untuk sama2 berkongsi gambar dan pendapat… di Blog Prodas.. bagi sesiapa yang mahu perkembangan serta gambar2 Proton dan perodua..

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