December 23, 2010

2011 Toyota Vitz (Yaris) !

The exterior has been completely redesigned and the new look definitely is better than the cartoon-ish predecessor's design. All the round and bubbly-ish lines are gone and here comes the straight and sharp lines, promoting aggressiveness and agility to the overall feel of the car. However, the front grille design is not to my liking...

The rear, however, is much better than the outgoing model. But I can't help it to feel that there are some cues of Peugeot 207's design in the taillights and bumper.

To compete with other competitors in its class, the interior length has been increased by 35mm to 1,915mm, creating a roomier cabin. The front seats use a new frame that enhances seating comfort and the rear seats have 35mm extra legroom to create a spacious area in the rear. Weekend shopping spree has been made less hassle with the 145mm deeper boot, increasing the boot's storage capacity, considering the boot in the outgoing model is just adequate in size.

Moreover, a new adjustable deck board in the boot can be set at two heights. When set in the upper position small objects can be placed below, and folding down the rear seats can create an almost-flat luggage space.

Vitz is a great car and its sales in other countries proved this statement. It is odd that Yaris is not selling well in Malaysia although its price is almost similar to Honda Jazz's. The problem maybe lies on the round design, but this new generation Vitz rectified that.

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3 Gossips:

Michika Atieno said...

Toyota Yaris is really elegant car! I own used Yaris and still no major car problem! I recommend this car!

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