December 25, 2010

Genting Trip with Family !

Guess where this is? It's not Cameron Highlands, it's Genting! I was there 2 weeks ago with my family and we stayed in my uncle's apartment in Gohtong Jaya.

After putting our stuff in the apartment, we headed to strawberry farm which is opposite of the apartment!

After walking around the farm, we went to Genting Skyway and oh boy, people were flooding the station! It was so unfair to us that people with Genting card can skip the queue!

Can you see the cable car entrance at the end?

We still have to queue even we are just a few steps away from the cable car!

Up into the mist!

The gondola stopped halfway when there was strong wind, leaving us wobbling and dangling mid-air!!! That was one hell of an experience for us XD

My family excluding me...

Purpose of people who go to Genting has 2 biggest possibilities: casino and outdoor. My family and I belongs to the latter - we went to outdoor theme park! Weekend is not a good time to go to outdoor because you'll have to queue up for half an hour to play just 1 round of game!

I look so bloated and without expression XD

My family's favorite!

I guess this is my brother's favorite!

When we were a kid, we always anticipated the trip to Genting with happiness and anxiousness. But now, when we are grown up, the special feeling isn't there anymore. Sometimes u even dislike going to Genting because it is crowded with people in weekends and public holidays. Time changes everything...

By the way, Merry Christmas to all :)

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