December 03, 2010

Honda Insight at RM98K!

Finally another hybrid is here in Malaysia, the long-awaited Honda Insight! This will be the third car to receive the zero percent import and excise duty policy after Honda very own Honda Civic hybrid and Toyota Prius. And surprise, it is priced at RM98,000 OTR including insurance.

While it has the look of a hybrid (with its sloping roof), it actually bears a resemblance to the Honda City. This sporty looking hybrid is powered by a 88bhp petrol engine combined with a 14bhp electric motor. The Insight's electric motor produces 6bhp lesser power compared to Civic Hybrid. Honda downsized the electric motor because the Insight is smaller and lighter than the larger Civic Hybrid.

According to Honda Malaysia, the price to replace the battery is expected to be around RM7,000 for the Insight while RM12,000 for the Civic Hybrid. But the battery is designed to last for a very long time and for further protection, Honda Malaysia offers 5 years warranty for the battery or 140000km.

List of equipment includes keyless entry, auto light, USB and AUX jack, auto climate control, cruise control, active headrest and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), all the above are only usually found in high-end car!

Next up from Honda is Honda CR-Z?

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