December 05, 2010

KLIMS 2010 (Part 1) !!!

*This is the Part 1 of my visit to KLIMS 2010 at PWTC!

The RM20 entrance ticket per person on weekend (weekdays are RM15):

The first thing that you'll see in Hall 1 is the Perodua Bezza concept! I would say its design is inspired by Toyota Prius... Very futuristic looking, but many features such as the B-pillarless body and sliding door won't make it to production.

Beautiful model :)

Customised Alza!

Perodua demonstrating their technology in engine.

Designing car...

Next to Perodua booth is the largest exhibition area of KLIMS, Proton!

Proton EMAS concept

Lotus City Car concept! very sporty ^_^

The 5 warriors of Proton concept cars:

Kasturi, preview of Saga facelift!

To me, Tuah has the best design among the 5!

Lekiu! Make sure the production model is better looking than this, Proton!

Lekir, based on the Lotus Europa!

Jebat, inspired by Lancer Evo?

Lotus Evora S

Very aggresive looking Esprit indeed!

Pics of me and my friend, Qing Kai who accompanied me to KLIMS!

Porsche Panamera!

Bumblebee? No, it's still a Chevrolet Camaro!

Bumblebee, transform!!!

5m tall Bumblebee!

In the Kia Picanto 'cabriolet'!

Lastly I want to share a picture with you guys:

Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin, MD of Proton with Yours Truly!

  • For more picture for this part 1, please visit my Facebook photo album :)
  • Look out for part 2 of KLIMS 2010 in my blog!
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13 Gossips:

XCB said...

many nice looking cars i see

Ronnie said...

did u ask that "latuk".... why copy "Inspira" !

Sharinginfoz said...

nice cars, thanks for sharing

TOLANIC said...

Tuah looks awesome!

xing said...

lol ronnie is a joker!
The lotus city car and tuah is freaking pretty! A touch of it can satisfy me!

Albert said...

I hate proton for f***ing up Lotus Racing F1. heck

FeeQ said...

The worst part is... Proton Pahlawan series.. LOL
haha XD

Nice write up.

Some of my KLIMS collection... more coming up:

SiMon Har said...

Ronnie: LOL! i'm not tat daring XD

Tolanic: yup, it's the best looking among all 5!

xing: too bad we can't touch the lotus city car :(

FeeQ: haha! their name is silly, but at least Tuah's design compensated for tat!

soulesscloudy said...

ehh... i tot "hang siblings" had been removed...

Hilda Milda™ said...

Proton always come up with creative yet funny names, pahlawan names also can use :P You're really into cars until you forgot to take pictures of pretty models :p

SiMon Har said...

Hilda: haha, i'll make another post solely for models :)

oktant said...

Saya pun rasa rekabentuk Tuah paling menarik dalam kategori Pahlawan.

prodas said...

izinkan saya promot untuk sama2 berkongsi gambar dan pendapat… di Blog Prodas.. bagi sesiapa yang mahu perkembangan serta gambar2 Proton dan perodua..

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