December 06, 2010

KLIMS 2010 (Part 2) !!!

*This is the part 2 of my visit to KLIMS 2010! Check out part 1 if u haven't!

It's time to see some Japanese cars!

370Z Roadster at RM382,520!

The funky jukebox, Nissan Juke!

Nissan Teana! Very comfy and spacious interior!

The Alphard fighter, Nissan Elgrand!

There was a Nissan Murano, but where is the Murano CrossCabriolet? :(

You thought this is the front?

Think again!

Mitsubishi ASX

After a round to Japan, we visited France!

After that, we travelled to Korea to take a look at Kia newest product lineup!

Kia Sorento! Small 3rd row seats :(

Kia Cadenza, most probably won't be here in Malaysia in the near future...

The sexy Kia Optima!

Then we travelled all the way to Germany!

Beautiful model... and the R8!

Volkswagen Golf tuned by tuning company...

  • Check out more pictures of this part 2 in my Facebook photo album!
  • The final, part 3 of my visit to KLIMS is coming soon! I've saved the best for the last :)

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4 Gossips:

Merryn said...

hehe... the best for last must be the models lah! :P

SiMon Har said...

haha! you'll see :)

John said...

malaysiaar show really "mou yeh tai"

soulesscloudy said...

eh... JUKE is cute..

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