December 14, 2010

TM Everyone Connects Viewing Party !

Remember my previous post on the TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash at The Curve? Now in conjunction with the Chelsea VS Manchester United Barclays Premiere League match, TM Everyone Connects is holding a Battle of the Champions LIVE Viewing Party at:

Date: 19 December 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 12 pm – 2 am

Venue: Padang Timur, Dataran Petaling Jaya

The LIVE viewing party will have the largest TV screen in S.E.A.! I’m sure it will be awesome to watch the match live on the huge screen! You’ll get a cool EC wristband if you ‘Like’ the Everyone Connects Facebook page at the TM booth! Get exclusive TM Man Utd merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when signing up for any TM products or services too!

You guys can catch up with latest Man Utd news beforethe match day at The Stadium at Everyone Connects’ website and can post your comments or feedback about the game and also chat with others at Kopitiam also at Everyone Connects’ website!

Make sure you’ll be there! Don’t miss it!


Sorry to tell u that there will be no more viewing party with the largest TV screen in SEA :( instead a series of viewing parties at various locations will be held. Check out the list of outlets involved in this link!

The date for all the viewing parties remain the same, but the time has changed to 10pm - 2am. Take note ya :)

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