January 13, 2011

2011 Mercedes SLK has a magic roof !

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled the 2012 SLK roadster! Mercedes promised that the new SLK takes driving pleasure and open-air enjoyment to a new level. Moreover, the SLK is proud to present the world premiere of the panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL, which will be mention later in this post.

In the first and second generation of the SLK, its metal folding roof and AIRSCARF were the innovations that made the SLK special. This time the third generation is equipped with a panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL. It can be quickly switched to light or dark at the press of a button. When light it is virtually transparent, and in its dark state the roof provides shade and prevents the interior from heating up when the sun's rays are very intense.

The SLK has a drag coefficient of 0.30 compared to the previous model's 0.32. The SLK350 model is fitted with a new 3.5cc V6 producing 302bhp while the SLK250 will be launched later in the year with a 1.8cc unit producing 201bhp.

Although I prefer the design of the BMW Z4 than the SLK, which has a huge CLS 'nose' and pre-facelift C-Class taillight, I like the design of the SLK's interior! Especially those retro-looking air-cond outlet! There's also a new technology on the SLK called 'Airguide windstop system' which helps control air flow and noise in the cabin area when the top is down. Cool huh?

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