January 22, 2011

Driver Airbags Compulsory for Passenger Cars (except 4X4) from 2012 !!!

Imagine every car with an airbag at the driver side

Our very own national automakers Proton and Perodua had signed an agreement to produce passenger cars with at least one airbag by 2012. This means Proton and Perodua's most basic model, which is Saga and Viva respectively, will have at least a driver airbag in the future. Great move for safety!

What about passenger airbags?

But what about passenger airbag? Since government is implementing this new law, why don't do it all the way? By offering a driver airbag but not a passenger airbag won't save the automakers much money, so why don't offer 2 airbags for greater good?

Moreover, why 4X4 is exempted from this agreement? I understand cars like Jeep have difficulties to install an airbags, but 4X4 includes SUV and pickup truck, right? They have no problem in getting an airbag fixed in the car.

What's next? ABS as standard?

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