January 09, 2011

Electrifying the Focus !

The Ford Focus Electric will be launched in late 2011 and promises performance of zero CO2 emissions without compromising driving enjoyment. It will offer a mile-per-gallon equivalent better than Chevrolet Volt! A full recharge is expected to take three to four hours at home with the 240-volt charge station, and this is half the charge time of a Nissan Leaf! These are some impressive figures I would say.

The exterior design of the electric Focus does not have huge difference compared to the petrol version of the Focus, except for its front fascia and the electric cap at the side fender.

An all-electric powertrain and single-speed transmission for the electric Focus provide a top speed of up to 136km/h. Since much of the electric Focus' components are shared with its petrol counterpart, its steering, handling and braking feel shouldn't be quite far away from the fuel-powered Focus, which is an very agile and good handling car.

Owners of the new Ford Focus Electric in the U.S. can charge their vehicles at the cheapest utility rates, lowering the cost of ownership. Since the Ford Focus Electric owners are likely to handle the vehicle's charge cord connectors two or more times per day, Ford worked with supplier Yazaki to provide an industry-standard five-point plug that is comfortable to hold as well as durable and distinctive.

I wonder when Malaysia can have an all-electric car like this..

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