January 20, 2011

Gordon Murray’s T.25 city car !

Above is the Gordon Murray's T.25 city car, which is quite like a Smart ForTwo but with 3 seats opposed to the 2 seats in the latter. T.25 has a F1 seating style for the driver who will sit at the centre of the cockpit while 2 passengers will sit on the left and right side at the back.

The opening of the T.25 door is like a clampshell design. Quite special isn't it? The T.25 measures 2.4m long, 1.3m wide, and 1.6m tall.

Power is produced by a 660cc three-cylinder engine with 51bhp. Mated with a five-speed semi-automatic transmission, the T.25 accelerates from 0-100km/h in 16.2 seconds and has a limited top speed of 145km/h. Its lightweight construction and fuel efficiency engine enable the T.25 has a 74 mpg fuel consumption.

If you think the T.25 wouldn't fair well in a crash, think again! A crash test was done by driving the T.27 (a electric version of T.25) into a deformable offset barrier at 40mph and it passed with flying colours, surprisingly showing zero cabin intrusion!

Although the T.25 doesn't look as funky as the Smart ForTwo, it does have an interesting package that might be a choice for people in populated cities like UK and Japan.

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