January 02, 2011

It's a New Decade @ Genting !

The year 2010 was not a great year for me. It was like a emotional (but there were some happy moments too, of course) rollercoaster. Even my last day in 2010 was not that great either...

Around afternoon, 4 friends of mine and I went to Ulu Yam to eat its infamous 'Loh Mee'. Check out its humongous portion! Total was RM35, quite reasonably priced i think.

Of course after 'Loh Mee' in Ulu Yam, we went up to Genting using the trunk road!

Since some of us reluctant to go for outdoor theme park, eventually we decided to go Snow World! It was fun to play snow/artificial snow/whatever with a bunch of friends!

After spending most of our energy playing... whatever, it was time to replenish it! Coffee Terrace was our choice of buffet restaurant!

Sorry for the blur pictures ya... I'm so gonna change my handphone soon!

Yummy desserts!


My heaven... but sinful!

Total damage of dinner was RM2775 RM460! RM92 per pax including tax XD

I was having fever while I was half way eating my meal... Spoilt everything :( Bad luck started since that...

Since the firework celebration will be held outdoor, we headed to the outdoor theme park where the weather was freezing cold! Making the already sick me sicker :(

Have to wait until 12am for firework somemore... with all the crowds

The worst was... the was no firework at midnight due to heavy fog! NO FIREWORK! I waited for so long in a sick condition but in the end, this was what I got :( Damn disappointed man!!!

Hope this year, 2011, will be a better year! Cheers!

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