January 15, 2011

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Strawberry Fields Cafe @ PJ Oldtown !

As everyone know, Confucius once said “If you ain’t gonna nom nom that burget; Imma do it for you.” Yes, trust me, he said that. And he had also once said this during his visit to a humble café in PJ – “You should totally check out Strawberry Fields Cafe when you are in PJ.”

We, TEAM RANDOM are staunch Confucius followers. Yes, here we are at Strawberry Field Cafe in the Maxis Om Nom Nom race, having the most sumptuous meal of the hour. The venue is not that hard to locate, it is exactly next to the MBPJ building. The only problem that one might encounter during their visit here would be parking. Loads of shoplots but very the little parking lot. Typical Malaysian problem lah. But hey, we’re Malaysians, we can make a parking lot out of anything. Strawberry Field Café gives a very comfortable and homey feeling. We could almost fall asleep in our chairs. But you see, we couldn’t because we are like in a race and er, never mind.

Can you spot me?

We were served...

Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice. The chicken was deep fried to the right tenderness and the sauce was literally a combination of sweetness and sourness. Followed by Thai Fried Eggs with Minced Chicken.

Although this dish might appear to be a little spicy, but it is not up to the extent where we need to gulp in 1 gallon of water after every bite. Mystically enough, the egg makes a pretty good combination with the sauce and minced meat. Dessert. Sago Gula Melaka.

One word. AuthenticbonafideSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yeah, not so sweet nor bitter. Ngam ngam. Stay tuned for our next post in a couple of minutes!

Strawberry Fields Cafe
Lot 14 Ground Floor
Jalan tengah 46200 PJ
TEL: 03-7960 1268

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