January 06, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

*Update: We are chosen to participate in Om Nom Nom! (hyperventilating!)

Have you ever heard of a Chinese phrase 'climb up mountain of knife and go down a wok of hot oil'? That is what I will do for food!

I will climb up the knife mountain...
... if a sumptuous buffet is there, like this in Genting!

I will go down a wok of hot oil...
... down to Melaka for a bowl of cold Cendol!

or even kayak across the South China Sea...
... for a rojak in Sarawak! (ok, the kayak part is joking XD)

I would love to be a part of the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race created by Nuffnang and Maxis! Like I've mentioned, I love food (and so are my teammates, if we are chosen *wink* ). Who are 'we'? They will be no other than me, Tikkoss, Xing90 and Vince92! The Team Random!

Believe it or not, we were so random that we went all the way from KL to Kepong at night just to eat desserts, and the decision of going to Kepong was made in 10 minutes time without prior preparation!

We like to:



and even DRINK!

We are armored and ready, look out my fellow competitors!

Date: 15 January 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Modesto’s, Ground Floor, Capital Square, 7 Persiaran CapSquare 50100, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8am-7pm
(all participants must register before 9am)
Dress code: Customized “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race” T-shirts will be provided (My desired size of T-Shirt is L)

The challenge will involve the iPhone 4, the Finder301 application to get information on food and restaurants and Wireless Broadband, all available through Maxis!

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