January 18, 2011

Recap of Maxis Om Nom Nom Race (Part 1) !

I was so excited when my team was chosen to participate in the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race which fell on 15/1/11 (Saturday) in Modesto, Capsquare.

So early in the morning, Xing fetched me and Vince to Capsquare to meet up our team member, Tikkoss!

We waited in Modesto for the briefing to start with some complimentary breakfast.

Xing posing for the camera? XD

Host of the day: Niki Cheong!

YS was telling us the itinerary of the day...

We have 5 restaurants to go, but first, we have to find Maxis' marshall and solve questions before we know where is each of restaurant located. Before start, we were handed a Lenovo notebook, a iPhone 3Gs and a Celcom Broadband. Last but not least, an envelope containing the coordinate of our need-to-find marshall like this:

My post about the journey and food coming soon!

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