February 27, 2011

Check Out Cinema Online!

I still remember asking my friend, GreenTeaBern (an expert in movie) about the premiere date of a movie. He directed me to Cinema Online (www.cinema.com.my). I'm grateful that he introduce me to Cinema Online, where I can check all the coming soon movies' premiere date without having to check the movies one by one in Wikipedia XD

For those who are not familiar with Cinema Online, well, it's like IMDB. It has all kind of sections such as ticketing, reviews of movie, showtimes, news, forum, trailers and contests. If there's any movie showing in the cinema or coming soon which you have doubt of whether it's a movie worth watching or not, you can always check out Cinema Online to know more about the movie (of course, I didn't mean that you can watch the movie in Cinema Online!)

Of course, you can also check out their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cinemaonline) and stand a chance to win some prizes given by them! Not to mention Hahah (www.facebook.com/hahah.com.my) that runs a campaign on a weekly basis with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets! For your additional info, I just bought a deal from Hahah, a 52% discount voucher to dine-in Frames, Sunway Pyramid!

Thank you to Blup Blup too!

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