February 03, 2011

Pre-CNY Lou Sang with Bloggers !!!

*Disclaimer: Only 'Yee Sang' was hurt during the whole 'Lou Sang' operation...

Above was the scene when 30 bloggers met up in a restaurant to Lou Sang! Continue reading to see more of our awesome night! (OK, I think I'm literally the last one to blog bout this ~.~)

I like this picture very much! (most probably because I look awesome in it XD)

Xing, Kahmon and yours truly!

Love this too! Note Sherry and my pose!!!

Kahmon, Mel, Sherry, Xing, me, Elias and Nana!

Henry, me, TehTarik and Elias!

When the 'Yee Sang' came, everyone started their 'chopsticks war'!

Mel, Qi Wen, Cayenne, Henry Lee, Jessy, Sherry and Jayren!

We are proud to have Nana and TehTarik to join us in a 'Lou Sang' gathering! 1Malaysia :)

Edwin, Nana, Evelyn, Jia Yeen, Li Chuen and TehTarik!

Li Chuen, Tikkoss, Kahmon, Xing, me, Aaron a.k.a. CrazyWrazy, Mel and Sherry!

Xing treated all of us that night! *just kidding*

*Group pic*

The pink group!

After the gathering, we went for 'after party'! Some of us decided to yumcha in Kayu SS2...

She's Carmen! ordered a table-long Roti Tisu!

It was a fun night! Hope we'll have such a gathering soon in the future! Happy CNY to every Inniter, blogger and people in this world!

Photos credit to Xing, Henry Tan, Carmen and Melissa!

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Isaac Tan said...

From what I see in your blog, and lots of others, it wasa great and happening event. Glad you were there to experience it :)


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