February 11, 2011

PropWall vs. iProperty

While there are so many Malaysian property website out there in the Internet, it's hard to find or know which is the better website compared to the others. Therefore, I'll be comparing two of today's top Malaysian property website PropWall and iProperty.



Ok, let's talk about the main page of both website first. On first glance, of course Propwall's design is more interesting, while iProperty look like a job listing website.

Users of PropWall can search for properties of any location in Malaysia and details regarding the properties will be shown in the website. The interface of the website can be used almost immediately and it is not hard to learn how to navigate around the website. Layout, facilities, location and price of the property can be found too.

Same like Propwall, iProperties offers useful information regarding the properties you are interested in like the location, facilities and price. However, it doesn't offers analysis on the developer like Propwall does, and its website interface took me some time to get used to it.

All in all, both Propwall and iProperties are able to provide sufficient information to the property buyers. However, Propwall stands out more to me with its more interesting design and more detailed content. Don't get me wrong, iProperties lost this 'battle' with just a tad of points. Check out both website if you are finding properties ya :)

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Adrian Cheah said...


Well I understand this was written like 4 years back but I gotta say Propwall's web design is mediocre and now better property portals are out there. Plus, iproperty is reaping us with their absurd subscription fee. Walawehh so expensive. Now there are better ones I believe.. http://bumbung.my/ is a decent one. Free also. Well thanks good read though.


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