March 14, 2011

Jog, Jogo, Jogoya!

Sushi and salmon!!! No, it was not from Sushi King, it was from JOGOYA!!!

Since Jogoya is having this 2 for 1 price promotion until 27th of April, my roomie and I decided to give it a try together with our housemates!

Here's me and my roomie! We rarely take photos together because we literally see each other most of the time XD
Damn I look bloated *emo*

Here was my Lamb Steak, tasted so-so only...

What impressed me of Jogoya was the variety of desserts that they offer! My heaven ^_^

How can we miss out cakes and Haagen Dazs ice cream??!! But the cakes and jelly doesn't taste nice that day :(

Finally, a blurry group pic!

This promotional period is a great chance for those who never been to Jogoya, providing that it offers plenty of nice food. But my housemate told me the food has lesser variety compared to normal rate meals :(

There were something wrong with the service too. The counter had actually gave me the same table with another guest, but the problem solved quickly. Moreover, I prefer if there's someone who can serve the guest who wants to drink coconut juice. We had to poke a hole on the coconut ourselves which might be a hard task for girls (no offence ya!). I hope it's not because of 'budget price, budget service' theory...

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