March 01, 2011

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4: Reventon's brother!

There are two things that Lamborghini always fascinated me about: Design and name. There's no doubt that Lamborghini had been producing supercars with superb styling (those lines on Lambo are so sharp, they can cut!). But why name? Let me explain. From Murcièlago to the newest in the lineup, the Aventador, Lamborghini's names are complicated to read. But also at the same time, sounds unique and easy to be recalled.

Taking some styling cues from its brother, the Reventon, the Aventador looks as good as Reventon, if not better. Featuring some pentagon and hexagon shapes on the body, the Aventador looks angular but rugged and sporty at the same time! According to Lamborghini, the three-section chassis, cabin structure, V12 engine and transmission is all new to the company, apart from some carryover Murcièlago nuts and bolts.

Under the hood awesomely designed engine cover is a V12, 6.5cc engine capable of producing 691bhp! Mated with it is the 7-speed ISR transmission. The Aventador's one-piece passenger cell is made entirely of a new-generation reinforced carbon fiber and it only weighs 147kg, and its total dry weight is 1575kg. All of these factors contributed to its super-fast acceleration of 2.8 seconds from knot to 100km/h, also with the help of Launch Control which minimised wheel spin at the start of acceleration. Top speed is 350km/h.

Aventador, the name of one of the most courageous bull of all bulls, is 4780mm long, 2260mm wide including the exterior mirrors, and an extremely low height of just 1136 mm. The hexagon-ish design element is brought into the cabin from the exterior. This to me is the best interior designed by Lamborghini to date. It looks modern, youthful and sporty! The Aventador no doubt is an amazing piece of art...

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