March 09, 2011

Nite Out with 20+ Bloggers at Frames !!!

There were so many photos with frames on the wall... Where were we? (I like this photo SO MUCH!!!)

Of course there will be no place other than Frames in Sunway Pyramid!!!

Above was the list of attendees that went to the gathering of 28 people (mostly bloggers) at Frames! Kudos to Kian Fai for being a great organizer! By the way, all of us were dining in using vouchers we bought from Hahah deal. RM29.90 for a starter+any choice of pasta+any choice of burger for 2 with a complimentary glass of Iced Lemon Tea each.

Of course it wouldn't be a gathering without photos!!! The famous (and friendly) Hilda, famous (and funny) Vince and me!!!

Tony and Cayenne (nice name!)

JFook and WK, both are roomie, coursemate and handsome! They kind of similar to me and my roomie XD

We waited for quite some time before our food come. All of us were very thirsty and hungry after all the chatting, gossiping and tweeting walking around to chat with others.

Carmen: "Guys, how's the food ah?"
Henry: "Ok la... Why? Very bad meh?"
JFook: "The food presentation is nice, but the food 'mah mah dei' only..."

That's actually my opinion on the food haha! I felt I was eating budget western food because the Iced Lemon Tea we got were tasteless, and the starters were stingy...

This is the starter... 4 people share 6 pieces. What the... Our voucher stated that 6 pieces were meant for 2!

This is my Chicken Burger. The meat was succulent and meaty, but the fries were a tad too salty for many of us.

This is the Classic Carbonara... Not sure about the taste but Cayenne did mention that she feels fat even by looking at it XD

Due to the chatting and saltiness of some food, Jfook, WK and I shared something called Fruit Tea! You can see there's orange in the tea! First serving was a bit sour and tasteless to me. But after adding hot water for second serving, the taste was entirely different, in a good way! The tea became sweeter and the aroma was nicer. English tea, anyone?

Vince invited a friend of his to Frames and he performed magic for us! We were like "WHOA" "WAH" "AH" throughout the whole moment!

How was that even possible??!!

We ended the night with group photos! This photo is one of the best! (Credits to Henry Lee)

Lot OB.K4N, Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya

Telephone: 03 5631 9989 | Fax: 03 5631 9986

P.S.: The director of Frames, Mark, got to know that we are not satisfied with their food and service on that day. Now, he consider our vouchers as 'unredeemed'. LOL

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