March 05, 2011

Nokia E7: Brief Impression !

I felt so sad when I couldn't make it to the Nokia E7 launch event yesterday. I've been waiting for the arrival of E7 before I decided to buy a N8 because E7 was not launched for quite some time after the launch of N8. So I went to Pavilion to check out the E7 in person!

Nokia E7 is basically a N8 with QWERTY slide keyboard and a larger 4 inch-screen. Both uses the same Symbian^3 software but E7 has a 8 megapixels camera compared to 12 megapixels on the N8.

After a quick check on the E7, I found that the sensitivity and smoothness of the screen, and functionality of the E7 is almost similar to N8. Great build quailty and a nice feel when you slide the screen up. One thing I like about the E7 over N8 is there's a nifty push-and-pull button that can be used for zoom-in and zoom-out of the camera.

Cool phone, and pricing starts at RM1995 (N8 was sold at RM1690 when it's launched in Malaysia).

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