March 04, 2011

Of Levain and Snowflake...

Here we are... at Levain Boulangerie and Patisserie. The smell of the fresh baked bread out from the oven would be perfect if it's accompanied with a cup of coffee... But too bad I was there in the afternoon *sweat*

There were a lot of people even on Sunday afternoon!!!

By the way, I went to Levain with Tikkoss, JFook, Bernard and Xing. After we had settled down in the restaurant, we went for window bread shopping!

Most of them were using DSLR or digital camera to snap photos. So I also used my Nokia N8 (where I'll do a review on it later) to snap photos of the food! The photo above was actually a bit exaggerated by me XD But no doubt N8 is a great camera-phone!

Love the colour of this photo!


Total damage of the day: RM80.10

When we were about to leave, most of the breads were sold out...

Rating for Levain: 4 stars out of 5!

After Levain, we decided to 'yumcha' at Snowflake, Pavilion coz the 'afternoon' is still young XD
It was a fun day! Nice meeting JFook too :)

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