March 25, 2011

Rebecca Black - Friday!

Hey guys! It's FRIDAY! Friday was supposed to be the best day among the weekdays but a song changed the way people look at it. Introducing Rebecca Black (or shouldn't I since there are so many people out there who knows her already), a 13 years old girl who become famous thanks to her infamous song 'Friday'. Her 'Friday' music video has hitted 44,801,524 views to date!

However, some people hate Rebecca Black and commented that she can't sing, and some dislike her because of her ridiculous song. To me, I dislike the song because of the utterly ABSURD kindergarten song-like lyrics, but I don't hate Rebecca Black. She's just a 13 years old girl trying to be a singer!

"It is Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday/ Everybody looking forward to the weekend, weekend..." is repeating each time when the song hits its chorus. The worst part of the song is the bridge: "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/ Today i-is Friday, Friday... Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards". OMG! This is SO pre-school!

However, like I said, I don't hate Rebecca Black as much as Justin Bieber but I hate the song very much! People are making such a hype in the Internet about Rebecca Black's journey to stardom. Give her a break and have a Kit Kat, maybe all she wanted to do was sit in the front seat :P

Check out 'Rebecca Black - Friday' music video:

(Some first-time listener claimed they watched the music video half way cos they can't stand it anymore! Can you?)

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