March 08, 2011

Underride Guards...

Holy cow! Is it a monster that had bit off a portion of the Chevrolet Malibu's roof? Continue reading to find out...

Actually the Malibu in the 1st photo had undergo a kind of crash research. The Malibu was subjected to collide with a trailer's underride guard at 35mph. A good underride guard located at the back of lorries and trailers are designed to stop a car from 'submarining' in a rear-end crash.

Without a good underride guard, occupants in cars which are awarded with maximum stars in crash test will also have high chance in getting serious injuries or even death. The impact will go straight to the A-pillar into the occupant's safety zone. In this condition, airbags also couldn't perform effectively like it's designed to.

The photo above shows a Malibu's condition after it collided with another car. The survival space was apparent, and compared it to the photo #1, it does make a huge difference when a car manage to absorb the collision force with its front end and when the A-pillar is the main contact point in an event of a crash.

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