April 03, 2011

FILM: Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' review!

"Ahhh.... Justin Bieber! I love his hair, his eyes, he's cute!" "I'm gonna marry him!" Ahem. That were actually quotes from Justin Bieber's fans, not me. Mind you.

Look what the 17 years old Canadian-born singer can do to millions of fans! They were shouting and crying like there's no tomorrow ~.~

Of course, the 'Bieber fever'. Do you have it? (I'm not asking you about the shirt. If you do, throw it away like... immediately!)

*Spoiler alert!*
Now, Justin Bieber has a movie about his life from the start to stardom. 'Never Say Never' showcases how he was discovered in Youtube and how Usher bring him to fame! Featuring stars like Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith and Sean Kingston. However, some are wondering is it too early for him to have a movie? Even Michael Jackson has a movie only after his death!

Thanks Nuffnang and Tune Talk for the premiere screening tickets by the way :)

The movie also shows how's Justin Bieber's life as a singer and how hard he has to work to perform his best in concert. It's sad to see that he don't have a normal life like other boys of his age though. He also performed few songs in the movie too!

Many hillarious scenes were added into the movie so that it won't so boring to watch. There were fans screaming their eyes off, funny quotes from the fans, but to me the best part was watching Justin Bieber flipping his hair! They even put the flipping part in slow motion! Epic!

To girls, if you want to see some Justin Bieber topless scenes, there were few actually! Go watch it when it's on the screen on 14th of April 2011 in Malaysia!

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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