April 28, 2011

Honda Jazz facelifted in Malaysia!

Honda Jazz has reached its midlife cycle and underwent a facelift, but the pre-facelift Honda Jazz doesn't look dated at all! By following the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" motto, the exterior of the facelifted Jazz does not differ much compared to the pre-facelift model. Actually I do think that this re-styling exercise is not necessary because the pre-facelift design is still looking good since it debuted in Malaysia 2 years plus ago!

Some might not favour the roundish egg looking of the 2nd gen Jazz's exterior, but some will get it and eventually fall in love with its shape because the round theme has its functionality. It maximize the cabin space greatly, and as a result, the Jazz has more cabin space than most of its close competitors.

Spotted changes include a redesigned front bumper, front grille, taillights and rear bumper. All these changes added more sportiness into the overall soft, pre-facelift appearance. Racer boy will certainly appreciate these changes! Interior changes include new opening sound indicator for the fuel lid, redesigned locking knob for the inner door handle with a new orange coloured highlight,, and an orange marker on the air conditioning control.

There's no changes under the hood, where the same 1.5litre i-VTEC with 120bhp is fitted in the facelifted Honda Jazz. Still selling at RM109k, the price remains unchanged, but with an extra safety equipment fitted into the new Jazz - Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA).

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