April 23, 2011

Justin Bieber "My World Tour" Concert @ Stadium Merdeka!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Tune Talk, I got a pair of RM288 ticket to Justin Bieber's concert from a contest! I was very happy because I got the free tickets but...

... there came the rain, wrong place at the wrong time. We (attendees of the concert) must thank Tune Talk for providing free rain coat! Or else many people will leave with frowning face...


My roomie in the rain coat!

Can you spot Selena Gomez? LOL

We waited for a long time for the concert to start after Mizz Nina did the opening. The concert supposed to start at 8.30pm, but the organizer put a 15mins countdown at 8.45pm. So, out of boredom...

... this is created. Handsome? ^_^

Finally the concert started at 9pm! Honestly, I think Justin Bieber's voice is different than what we heard in his songs. Now his voice is hoarse and there's not a single high tune in his singing. Puberty 'killed' his voice since he sang very well when he was a kid. But Justin Bieber is a good performer. He's good in music instruments (especially drum!) and can do smooth dance moves!

Watch Justin Bieber play drum:

Watch Justin Bieber's Baby (funny):

Highlight of the day was a girl (from the audience) was brought up to the stage when JB was singing 'One Less Lonely Girl'. I'm sure the girl will feel that she's the 'Only Girl In The World' at that moment!

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