April 02, 2011

Nokia N8 review !!!

Today marks the 2 months anniversary of me owning an orange coloured Nokia N8! Changing from an buttons cellphone to a no-buttons full touchscreen smartphone is a huge leap for me. Luckily, I manage to 'go with the flow' and mastered it ^_^

Back to the topic! Nokia N8, powered by Symbian^3, is not a smartphone that you can ignore. It is the flagship of Nokia with an industry leading camera features and other innovations such as HDMI and USB-On-the-Go. Its sleek anodized aluminum unibody is cold to the first touch, and the built is solid enough to give users a feeling of confidence in using it.

From left, the camera button, lock screen pull button and volume button. The lock screen pull button and camera button are a bit hard to use though. Can you see my Form 1 photo at the back? Hehe!

The main focus of N8 - camera! It has 12 megapixels autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss lens, together with the largest camera sensor found in a cellphone! Below are the details of the camera:

Camera Resolution 4000 x 3000
CMOS Sensor 12.0 Megapixel
Camera Digital Zoom 2 x
Camera Focal length 28 mm
Camera F-Stop/Aperture f/2.8
Camera Focus range 10 cm to infinity
Camera Image Formats JPEG/Exif
Camera Features Auto Exposure, Auto Focus, Carl Zeiss Optics, Exposure Compensation,
Full Screen Viewfinder, Geotagging, Red-Eye Reduction, Self Timer, Xenon Flash
Video Recording Resolution 1280 x 720
Video Recording Frame Rate 25 fps
Video Digital Zoom 3 x
Video Recording Formats H.263[1], H.264/AVC[2], MPEG-4

Video Editor

Video Player

Video Recorder

Video Ringtones

Video Sharing

Video Stabilization
Secondary Camera Resolution 640 x 480
Secondary Camera F-Stop/Aperture f/2.8
Secondary Camera Focus range 20 cm to infinity
Secondary Camera Image Formats JPEG
Secondary Camera Video Recording Resolution 176 x 144
Secondary Camera Video Recording Frame Rate 15 fps
Secondary Camera Video Recording Format H.263

Check out one of the videos that I had recorded using N8:

HDMI outlet for TV to play your recorded videos or other medias :)

3.5" 16M-color AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 640 x 360 pixel resolution works great under the sun and in other conditions.

One major problem of Nokia N8 - lag. Sometimes it not only lags, it hangs! To make the matter worse, the N8's battery is non-removable (meaning it's built in to the body of the cellphone!). Thus, you can only solve the problem by hard reset (which is by pressing volume-down, camera, menu and power button at the same time).

Something cool about the charger! Retractable Earth!

Here are some of my finest creations using N8's camera:

One of my colleagues saw this photo and she asked me to take her photo for her wedding! LOL

Classic feel using black and white setting...

OK, this is exaggerating XD

The Nokia N8 is no doubt one of Nokia's best phone that they had ever produced. It is priced reasonably for a smartphone (RRP RM1690), compared to its slightly overpriced sibling, the E7 (RRP RM1995). However, its most serious drawback is the lag-ness of the machine as commented by dozens of N8 users. The N8 will be (almost) flawless if this problem is solved by Nokia :)

Rating: 4 out of 5

*** *** ***

The crop formation above was discovered somewhere near Sitiawan by the owner of the paddy field. It has a design similar to a biohazard sign. Is it created by ALIEN? Or just another prank done by HUMAN? Is it a sign of apocalypse??? But it's not 2012 yet!!! This mysterious symbol has appeared all over the country without reasons or evidences of who created these symbols!

The symbol is certainly not something poisonous, or should we call it a good 'poison'! This is because everyone who saw the symbol in person felt happy and have a hunch that something good is coming!

Check out one of the sightings recorded while on an airplane:


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