April 05, 2011

Of Audi and... Facial?

Audi R8 safety car on the left and ABT-tuned R8 on the right were on displayed in Pavilion last Saturday. Dream car for some huh? I was invited to drive the R8 but I turned the offer down because I told them I have one in my house... *day dreaming*

If I have to say which car manufacturer produces the best looking headlamps? Without hesitation I will say Audi. Incorporated the LED daytime driving light, it makes sure your ride won't be lacking of style!

Audi A4!

Audi A1! *I have a feeling that it's coming to Malaysia soon!*

Actually I was with JFook in Starhill Gallery last Saturday for our facial treatment *Two guys going together for a facial session sounds so wrong!!!*We actually bought a deal from Hahah which comprises of Intensive Detoxifying Facial + Eye Treatment + Neck & Scalp Massage + Hot Stone Shoulder Massage @ IPL Skin Care Clinique, Starhill Gallery. Only RM59 Instead of RM255 for this 90 minute session, 77% off!

Our appointment was set at 1pm and a woman (I think she's the manager of IPL) asked us do we want the couple room or separate room? LOL *of course separate room* So when I was in the room, a lady asked me to remove my shirt O_O and lie on the bed. Although I've been to this kind of facial session before, I was still wondering some stupid question like "Should I lie down on the mattress with my back or face up" or "Should I place my head on the bolster or the other way". To my surprise, I have to place my leg on the bolster !_!

The session started off by applying some cleasing and scrubbing cream... Very relaxing until the extraction part came! The lady pinched and pinched my face like there's no tomorrow to extract some dirty stuff and black heads from my skin! *But I put on my brave front and acted manly through out the whole process LOL*

According to... erm... a Chinese idiom, first bitter later sweet *hope you get what I mean*. The best part was at the back where the lady used hot stones to massage my shoulder and upper chest part. A new enjoying experience!

Finally, a picture of me after the facial session:

My skin is smoother and slightly brighter now. Actually I have more acne scars than what you can see from above, but one facial session can't heal a flawed face completely, right?

If you had read JFook's blog post, readers of my blog can also enjoy the same facial session as mine at RM59 instead of RM255 just by mentioning my name "Har Tuck Chien" while booking!!!

*For your info, this is not a sponsored post*

IPL Skin Care Clinique,
Lot S2, Pamper Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
No: 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03- 21414277

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