April 19, 2011

Red Hot 2012 Volkswagen Beetle!

The highly anticipated and popular Volkswagen Beetle has its successor! The all-new Beetle returns with more stylish design, but without changing much from its root 'beetle' design, and grown-up dimensions. Measuring 1,808 mm wide, 1,486 mm tall and 4,278 mm long, the Beetle is 84 mm wider, 12 mm lower and 152 mm longer than its predecessor.

Most of the extra dimensions are to increase the space in the cabin. The bonnet is also extended to adhere to safety regulation. With sharper lines but still retaining the bubblish look of the car, public will finally say that this is a cute car suitable for both sexes! Red paintjob does make the Beetle looks sporty and ready to rumble!

The headlights with daytime running LED lights modernized the whole front end, while the slightly clampshell hood cover says "don't mess with me"! Elongated roof line and wheelbase increased the interior space, and the steeply raked rear windscreen increased the boot space to 310 litres.

Under the hood, tons of engine variations will be available for different market, ranging from 105bhp to 200bhp TSI petrol engine and TDI diesal engine.

The entire cabin is completely redesign for better practicality and functionality. Note the 3 cool circular instrument panel at the centre of the dashboard. The all-new Beetle certainly entered the Top 50 cool cars of the year 2011, if not Top 10.

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