April 17, 2011

Show Luo 罗志祥 一万零一夜 3D Concert @ Bukit Jalil !!!

It was actually my first time...... going to a concert! I just came back from Show Luo (罗志祥) concert in Bukit Jalil, and I must say it was a great experience.

By the way, Show Luo has an attire brand of his own - Stage. The cap above cost hundred something in Malaysia (not mine)...

So I went there with my friend Jason on the left and my roomie Tze How on the right. Me and Jason bought the RM128 ticket while Tze How bought the RM388 ticket since he's a big fan of Show. Kian Fai and JFook were there too and have the RM168 tickets for free! *sad coz I bought the ticket*

*Lights, cameras, concert!*

This concert is a 3D concert, meaning its backdrop contains 3D images without having the need to wear a 3D spec like in the cinema to watch the concert. Impressive 3D technology I would say!

Check out the opening:

Check out his first performance of the night - Only You:

Well, this is scary! Show Luo was so high up on a tiny platform singing his song 拼什么! One wrong move and he'll be drop dead handsome XD

One minor critisism about the concert is Show Luo did not sing the whole chorus of some songs, where he'll stop singing for the one of the sentence. For example, the chorus from his song 习惯就好:

习惯就好 习惯就好
没有一丝睡意的困扰 无法治疗...

The one in red means he didn't sing. I can understand why he didn't sing some of the lyrics in some songs which require him to dance, but 习惯就好 is a slow song. Although he rocked the stage last night with his awesome dance moves, but also as a singer, he should sing the whole song like every other artist out there. If he plan to skip that sentence each time he sings live, why not just skip that sentence while recording the studio version? Sorry Show Luo fans, this is just my humble opinion.

Views from the RM388 seat!

Finally a photo taken by JFook, with Tze How, Jason, me and Kian Fai! A high and awesone night it is!

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