April 15, 2011

Tau Fu Fa with flavour?

I bet most of the Malaysian out there had a taste of Tau Fu Fa once in their lifetime. Having a bowl of Tau Fu Fa is one of my routines on a Sunday morning because I want to have smooth skin.

Like most of my Thursdays, I'll walk in the pasar malam nearby my workplace, Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak, and I saw THIS:

4 flavours??!! I was flabbergasted and curious at the same time. The Tau Fu Fa that I usually see and eat is WHITE in colour! From the bottom barrel in the picture above, the flavours are black bean, chocolate *OMG*, corn and sorry, I couldn't recall the last one XD.

When the seller saw me standing there looking at those barrels curiously, he handed me a bowl of Tau Fu Fa containing each flavour to try it out for free (food review LOL). He asked me whether I saw these before or not and I answered 'no'. He sure think that I'm 'ulu' (meaning kampung people who don't know anything).

The black bean tasted normal, nothing special; the chocolate one is quite good and smooth; the corn one has mild aroma of corn, nice; as I couldn't recall the last one, I guess it is the original flavoured Tau Fu Fa.

In the end, I bought the corn flavoured Tau Fu Fa! RM2.70 per bowl. Expensive, but it's something new that you should try!

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