April 11, 2011

Top 5 Ugliest Car in 2010!

We've entered the year 2011 for 4 months and, now I feel like listing down the top 5 ugliest car in my opinion, unveiled in 2010:

#5 BMW X3

BMW has succeeded in designing beautiful car like the Z4 and macho car like the X5, but BMW failed miserably in designing the previous and current generation (above) X3. The headlights are live-less, dull looking front bumper and crooked window line that must be drawn by the designer using a crooked ruler.

The front end of BMW X3 reminds me of this face, and people who look at it will produce this face too!

#4 Nissan Cube

The boxy design of the Nissan Cube is not offensive to a point that it's as boxy as a match box. Great interior space comes at a price of its boxy exterior. However, Cube's exterior design was not executed well and the asymmetrical rear window looks weird. I think the best way to explain this is by the picture below, an unsolved rubik's cube:

#3 Toyota Etios

Being Toyota's budget car, the Etios is 'skimmed' in some ways to produce an affordable car for the public, unfortunately the design is 'skimmed' too. Even Tata Nano (World's cheapest car) looks better than the Etios!

Resemblance of Toyota Etios's front end. Frowning...

#2 Honda Accord Crosstour

No doubt that this is one of the worst design ever in the automotive industry - the Honda Accord Crosstour. Critics were giving it bad reviews about its controversial exterior and, I have to agree with them. The Crosstour looks like someone with big mouth, small eyes and a hump.

Crosstour looks 90% like this... Almost...

#1 Peugeot 207 sedan

Thanks to the reason of cost-cutting, Peugeot decided to add a boot onto its hatchback without redesigning the hatchback's rear doors! Moreover, the whole design is aging since the hatchback is designed in the 90s. The final product is a disaster (luckily the 'smiley face' saved its front end from looking ugly). The 207 sedan is so ugly, I can't find a picture of human to describe it...

*Above is solely yours truly opinions based on the car's design.

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