May 14, 2011

Bloggers' Gathering @ De' Warung!

I rarely choose Indonesia food as my meal but after consulting some friends, I've decided to organize the first bloggers' gathering at De' Warung, Setapak!

We were served with complementary appetizer and dish, the tomyam soup and ulam!

The kuih were included in our Nasi Lemak set! Alongside with a choice of either satay or otak-otak.

Love was in the house! Sad that I attended without partner :(

The food came, and oh my, the whole table was flooded with De' Warung's delicacies!

Isaac's wife, Janice's curry mee! Looks delicious by the way!


... After! My nasi lemak!

After munching and a lot of chatting going on around, it was time to pay the Amazone River long bill! RM140.40 for 12 person, thanks to its reasonably priced food :)

Groupie pic! Thanks for everyone who attended the gathering that day. Hope you guys enjoyed that night ^_^

Signing off with a bowl of sea coconut, kthxbai!

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