May 29, 2011

I Like Nippon Paint Because It Blobs Happiness!

In this case, the 'blobs' in the title means 'bring'! Nippon Paint brings happiness to everyone around it!

In this case, 'blob' means 'sense'! Look at the room below... Very dull looking isn't it? It's my parents' room and all the furnitures were used for more than 15 years.

I was thinking how to give the room a makeover!

Even when my house was under renovation 3 years ago, my parents refused to change their room's parquet floor and everything remains untouched, while mine and my brother's room were extended and the parquet floor was changed to tiles. I'm not sure about the reason why my parents refused to renovate their boring looking room, and I guess is to save money. NOW, I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM! A ROOM MAKEOVER!

In this case, 'blob' means 'want'! I want to make something like the room above for them... But that is a bit exaggerated isn't it?

In this case, 'blob' means 'imagine'! I want to paint the room with bright colour like yellow or orange! Of course, Nippon Paint will be my choice of paint because it can stand the test of time! By the way, here's the link to Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook Page!

In this case, 'blob' means 'demand'! I want a new design for my parents' room as a present for this year Mother's and Father's Day. Hope they will feel happy and won't feel boring of the room as they will sleep there for many more years!

In this case, 'blob' means 'create'! Again, I hope I will make my parents happy with their Nippon Paint painted and makeover room. If possible, I want to put a pine tree in the room since it's a symbol of longvity, and hope my parents will live long and healthy :)

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