May 18, 2011

Perfect Nightmare!

After months of agonizing experience with public transport, I’m very glad to say that the days are over! I will make the sun to rise from the west if there's ONE PERSON out there who says Malaysia's public transport is the best in the world (or South East Asia, I dare you)!

Waiting for bus is like waiting for the Rafflesia to bloom, or waiting for eclipse to happen. Bus services are rare and seldom come on time. Some bus drivers are lazy and procrastinate in doing their duty, in the end, we the passengers who suffer.

Exactly what I always think of when waiting for a bus!

Now we know why Spiderman prefer to shoot his web on the building wall and swing himself across the city!

I'm glad that I can fondle it always... It's round, soft and it's so exhilirating when I get to harass it clockwise and anticlockwise! *Ahem* I was speaking about the steering wheel la! Now, I have a car to drive (well, for short term only); it's great news for my time and freedom, but bad news for my wallet :( There are rumours that the petrol price gonna go up again, but I hope RON95 won't increase its price in the near future!

"I'm Nothing Without You"

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