May 27, 2011

Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Session - Part 2 !!!

I'm whining again, pardon me (but I really hope I get to at least drive an Inspira for one round XD). From part 1 of my experience in the 'Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Session', I'll be talking more about the car itself - Proton Exora in this part 2!

LinkWe were provided a Touch N Go in every car to pay for the parking and tolls while we were on our way to Desa Park City. By the way, Proton paid the parking fee of every participant who parked their own cars in Sunway Giza, me likey! I have to park there from 9am-5pm for the event, which was a worry to me of the expensive parking rate, but not anymore!

While we were travelling, we get to abuse push the Exora to its limit. First thing we noticed was the comfortable setting of the suspension while maintaining good handling, rare to see in a tall MPV like the Exora. Must be the 'Handling by Lotus' working huh! There were no squeaky sound in the cabin when travelling on undulating road. Note that this is NOT an advertorial post ya! Haha!

The 1.6litre, 125bhp Campro powerplant fitted in the Exora could not perform its best as the power-to-weight ratio was low. The weight of the Exora triumphed the engine and acceleration from standstill was not satisfying even with only 3 adults onboard. I had to floor the throttle each time to get enough power for overtaking or going uphill, and that kind of driving will cause the fuel consumption to be high.

The long gearing might help in pulling a fully loaded Exora, but it made the acceleration worse. Although the gear change was smooth, engine noise was apparent during heavy acceleration. Speaking about noise, the NVH of the cabin was superb (except of the mentioned engine noise). Wind and road noise were suppressed well from the cabin, making long journey comfortable and reduce fatigue.

Back to the event! After we reached Desa Park City, we have a series of games and performance testing waiting for us! The games include blind-folded parking like the one above! One has to be blind-folded in the driver's seat while his/her partner has to guide the other to park the Exora within the cone parking area. I was in the driver seat while QK guided me, and we did it in 1.01mins, not bad ya!

Next up was the pile-up challege where we have to put in luggages and a baby stroller into the boot. I think we did it under 1 minute if I'm not mistaken!

What's with the Exora lining up together? We were waiting for our turn to try out EMERGENCY BRAKING of the Exora! This was the thing that made my heart pumping like mad because I never tried any emergency braking before! After trying out emergency braking, we took it to another level! Emergency ABS braking! We have to brake hard and then swerve to simulate avoiding an obstacle on the road.

Emergency brake!!!

ABS braking in the making!

Check out the video I recorded while experiencing ABS avoidance braking in the Exora:

Every participant was waiting for the result from the pile-up challenge and blind folded parking result... and the best team goes to Kenwooi and his sis!

We drove back to Sunway Giza for complimentary lunch and a few presentations by a fashion and financial advisor.

Fashion advisor giving tips on how to be pretty without having the need to spend much money.

Finally, it was the moment that we've been waiting for! Prize giving ceremony XD Guess what? Kenwooi won 1st place! Congrats to him! I'm sure his prize was cash, but don't know how much XD

Overall, this is a well planned event and I enjoyed it very much. Even my parking ticket was paid by them! It's a good experience for us to learn what to do and how to react if we meet these kind of situation in the real world. This is the best event I've attended to date!

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