May 21, 2011

Singapore Rooms For Rent

Ok, let's study some geography and history! Long time ago there was a man who stays in Johor Bharu, which is the south part of Malaysia, planned to irrigate his plants. But after some serious digging, the earth suddenly cracked and an island called Singapore is formed XD

I was just joking, let's come back to the reality world. We know that a lot of Malaysian who stay in Malaysia travels daily to Singapore to work. Some will drive, and some will ride motorcycle, and everyday have to pass through the oh-so-forever jam Causeway. People refuse to stay in Singapore is because of the high living expenses and expensive properties, but I might have found a solution...

Since not everyone is able to afford a property in Singapore, why not rent a room in Singapore??!! Singapore rooms are reasonably priced and Malaysian can save their precious time travelling to and fro everyday. Not to mention MRT is accessible in almost anywhere!

With description and details of the room will be stated in the CariBilik Singapore website, and of course nonetheless the extra facilities of the house/room. Just search where you want to find for a room and you'll get tons of result to choose from.

Not sure where is the location of the room? No problem! Some vacancies included a Google Map to tell you the pinpoint location! So for those who is heading to work or study in Singapore, check out CariBilik Singapore first before you decide your other alternatives!

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