June 07, 2011

Car Recondition - Official Start of Ownership!

Once there's a wise car enthusiast - Mr. Har said "Owning a used car is like walking through a battlefield between two sides, not knowing when and where a bullet will hit you." Specially old used car, problem might appear without warning because you won't be able to find out what problem it has before your ownership.

By following Mr. Har's advice, I took my recently bought used car to have a thorough check-up in a workshop nearby. Like what I've suspected, all four suspension and engine mounting were in bad condition and has to be replaced.

Spot the new shock absorbers? *the cleanest part*

You can either opt for the more expensive genuine spare parts or cheaper counterfeit parts, but no doubt genuine spare parts can last longer and more compatible with your car performance compared to the latter.

Lastly, Mr. Har advised that drivers should do scheduled service or check-up to prolong the longevity of the car's mechanical parts! Go service your car on time ya!

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