June 27, 2011

Early Birthday Celebration @ BarBQ Plaza !

Have you ever heard of BarBQ Plaza? Well, my family and I were there in the restaurant where you have a dome-like pan and a channel for soup as steamboat around the pan below.

My Orange Squash (RM4.00++) on the left and my dad's Mango Squash (RM3.50++)! Orange Squash was rather tasteless while the Mango Squash is yummy but was a little bit too sweet to my liking.

Above was the 'main character'! We ordered the Family Pork Set (RM41.90++) and it came with a huge portion and pork slices and... of course vegetables ~_~

Don't underestimate the power of sauce! Eating the meat will not be perfect if you didn't eat them with the sauce above!

To get the most awesomeness taste out of the sauce, you can put the dried chili, lime and the garlic into the sauce. Stir them and wala! A must-have combination when eating the meat!

We were provided two lards as oil for your 'frying pan'. Although butter is able to provide a better grilling experience, but lard is a better substitution because butter is much more oily and will make the soup yellowish.

The tender pork slices were cut thinly so that it can be cooked thoroughly and rapidly. Nothing special about the soup though but you can refill the soup yourself whenever you want.

The oh so delicious Crispy Chicken (RM7.90++). Small in size but big in taste!

The total damage was RM77.70 (my birthday is in July too, 7 is the lucky number then!). BarBQ Plaza has a comfortable environment, and best of all, it was well ventilated because our shirts were not smelly from the smoke of grilling.

G19 Ground Floor, IOI Mall Puchong,
Batu 9, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

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