June 09, 2011

FILM: Super 8 review !

I've been anticipating this movie ever since I saw its trailer in the cinema last year. Like most of J.J.Abrams' (Director and writer of Super 8, Cloverfield, Mission Impossible III etc.) movies, they are dark, mysterious and make your heart pumping at the same time!

If you are expecting super duper ultra fight between human and the alien in the movie, you are wrong. I had the same expectant too but Super 8 actually focus more on the development of human.

*Spoiler alert!*

The story started with Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) and his friends were shooting a drama with a Super 8 film camera, however, they witnessed the unthinkable - a pickup truck collided with a train with an alien in it!

They were told not to speak out about the incident, but of course, things gone haywire! The 'subterranean alien' started to abduct human and machines went missing. Guess what, all the alien wanted was just to go back home! Its spaceship, which is made by millions of white cubes was confiscated by the US Air Force, and it built something out of machines to merge all the cubes back into a spaceship!

One thing though, why must the movies like Transformers and Super 8 uses 'cube' as an important object in their movie? Why not other shapes like circle or hexagon?

All in all, Super 8 a great movie with great casting like those young children including Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning's younger sister is in the house!). They really can act man!

Rating: 8 stars out of 10!

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