June 25, 2011

I'm Grateful For What I Have...

Walking down the memory lane to the year 2005, when the 1st generation Perodua Myvi was launched for just a few weeks, my dad's company promised to get him a brand new Myvi as his next company car. However, due to long waiting list, we waited for more than 6 months and eventually gave up waiting for it. Since then, he drove his trusty little old Kenari (also company's car) to work and around KL and PJ area for his work assignments.

My family had never own a car under our ownership (except my dad's first car about 30 years ago). I couldn't use my dad's car whenever I wanted to, for instance when going out with friends because the car does not belong to him, and the company had stated that only him can drive the car. Maybe that's why my passion towards car grew from time to time.

I enjoy drawing cars even since I'm a little kid, and I'm still enjoy doing it now! Perhaps I was translating my wish, which is my family owning a good car and I get the chance to drive it, into drawing. I'll head to my paper and pencil whenever I have inspiration on what kind of design I like and making the design possible for production.

Thestar, 20/6/2011

I'm currently working in my college hiatus and I've been taking public transport for 9 months since my first day of work. Every day, going to work and back were nightmare to me, because you'll never know when public bus will leave or come. Believe it or not, the comic strip above is exactly what I had experienced previously and often! After so many years, my wish has finally came true! My dad bought a car and I get to drive it to work!

Although the car my dad bought, a Toyota Altis, is a second hand car, I like it very much! Although it's almost as old as my dad's Kenari, it's much more sophisticated, comfortable, better performance and bigger in space. Now, I'm no longer envying watching others driving nice car around and suffering from uncomfortable long journey ride. The new addition bring happiness to my family too!

I know some of my friends are saying that I'm rich, but I beg to differ! If I'm rich, I don't have to suffer without car for 9 MONTHS while I'm working; taking 4 buses everyday is not an easy ordeal. If I'm rich, I'll be buying an iPhone without using my own HARD EARN MONEY, besides, I didn't bought an iPhone because it's too expensive to me.

If I'm rich
, why not I buy a brand new car instead of a second hand car? I have to pay half of the car MONTHLY INSTALLMENT too. If I'm rich, why I save all the money I earned from blogging for my future studies (if I'm going back to study) and didn't spent a penny? Everything that I have now came from the hard work of my family and I...

Let me end this post with a poem:

A grateful heart is one who's lived
through trials along the way...
then found the strength to look ahead
and face a brand new day.

A grateful heart is one who knows
that sorrow does not last...
and morning brings a ray of hope
to chase away the past.

A grateful heart will always be
much stronger than the rest...
for they have weathered every storm
and conquered every test.

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