June 24, 2011

Lexus LS600h L... Laudaulet?

Lexus LS600h L... but Laudaulet? It's a specially made LS600h for the marriage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco to Ms. Charlene Wittstock on Saturday 2nd July 2011. What's special about the LS600h L Laudaulet is the one piece, transparent polycarbonate roof to replace the roof structure from B-pillar to C-pillar!

No doubt the LS600h Laudaulet has the best rear vision compared to other cars on the road! The roof is a single, lightweight polycarbonate shell with just 8mm thick and weighing only 26 kg! Since the metal roof was removed, efforts has been made to remain the structural integrity by adding a lot of honeycomb structures, kevlar and carbon fibre around the body. By the way, the project of this polycarbonate roof took 2000 hours to complete!

Inside, comfort and luxury are not compromised (perhaps the occupants inside might feel the cabin is more spacious without the metal roof!). The Royal Wedding LS 600h L Landaulet is finished in an elegant Midnight Blue paint, which was applied manually using several coats of a bespoke, environmentally-friendly water-based paint. On the day of the wedding, the LS 600h L Landaulet will be used by the royal couple to tour the Principality after the marriage ceremony. The zero-emission hybrid system will be in full use most of the time in the tour.

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